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Our discretionary service allows us to manage your investments, plan the strategy and make the moves for you

As an investor, you want peace of mind.  You need to know that your investments are being managed with the utmost skill and dedication, by people you completely trust and who put your best interests ahead of their own. You also need the reassurance that, whatever happens in the capital markets, you will stay on track to achieve your financial goals.

That’s what we do for those who entrust us with their wealth.

What makes our approach so distinctive is that everything starts and ends with you. Other advice firms claim to offer a bespoke and personalised service, but simply farm out portfolio management to a third party. Clients are given template portfolios, and if things go wrong, there’s always someone else to blame.

We, on the other hand, offer something very different. Not only do we really get to know you and help you establish your goals and your attitude to risk, but we also design an investment portfolio tailored to your precise requirements; and then, without relying on any third parties, we continually monitor and manage your money on an ongoing basis.

Most of our client’s investment assets are managed on a discretionary basis.  This means investments (buy and sell decisions) are made for you by our expert team; we are one of the few independent financial advisers in the UK, who are currently authorised to carry out such investment tasks.

For us, in short, it’s all about stewardship and accountability. We’ll take full responsibility for managing your wealth as carefully as we would our own. Our aim throughout is to minimise your risk, while ensuring you achieve what you want to achieve, without any nasty surprises along the way.

Think of your financial journey as a voyage and us as your steersman. Our job is to take the strain, to stay disciplined and focused, and to make sure you stay on course. You’re just there to enjoy the trip.

Remember, you’ve worked hard for your wealth. Leave it to us to ensure that your wealth works hard for you.

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Investment planning is now more of a science, rather than an art. Technology, ever increasing investment opportunities and stricter regulation have all encouraged the more scientific approach. But has your investment strategy kept pace?

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Chartered Financial Planners

SDB Strategic Planners Limited has achieved chartered status for financial planning which means we follow a strict and ethical code of conduct that puts the interests of our clients first.

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Stuart, Jo and Andrew have been awarded Chartered Wealth Manager status which demonstrates they are continually working to the highest standards in investment management.

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Client testimonials

The professionalism of SDB speaks for itself. Throughout our long relationship with the firm we have been helped at every stage to plan realistically and sensibly. The quality of the advice is clear to us now, in that the plans, once distant, are now becoming a reality.- IW & JW, Cheshire
I have been a very satisfied client since 1983, throughout which time I have received excellent service. I trust the Company implicitly and take great comfort in knowing my financial matters are being managed in the best possible way, meaning I never have to worry- SEG, St Helens, Merseyside