SDB Strategic Planners Limited

in a wide world

SDB Strategic Planners Limited is delighted to have joined Courtiers Group Holdings Limited


Your life…your wealth

SDB Strategic Planners Limited has spent over 30 years developing its approach to delivering wealth management focused on lifestyle.

Throughout this time, everyone in the company has taken great pride in helping clients plan their futures, providing the necessary and ongoing investment expertise to help make it happen.

With a desire to continue long into the future, the journey began to find another company with a similar ethos. The vision was that together, with its chosen company, SDB Strategic Planners Limited could deliver more, and that company was Courtiers.

Helping clients build, protect, enjoy and pass on their wealth


SDB Strategic Planners Limited is an ideal fit for Courtiers, with shared values simple in essence and rich in action:

to your aspirations.

where you are in life and where you’d like to be.

you to help maximise the wealth you created.

For more information or for any enquiries, please visit the Courtiers website.